Wielded a spear.


An unfortunate little Kobold who was in the garb of a black cloak and cloth mask. Donned an amber necklace given to him by his Kobold fangirls. Deep, Antonio-Banderas-esque voice. KIA when fought against PC’s in front of cave entrance of Agatónica Hall. First shot with a Magic Missile, then charged by a warhammer wielding zealot, then chilled with a Ray of Frost. His final words were, “Ja ja ja ja ja. ¿Te gusta mi lanza? Nadie va a matarme, porque ¡SOY EL ZORRO!” He leaned into his stab with all his might, but tripped. Zorro the Kobold broke his fall… on the business end of his spear.

R.I.P. little one.


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