The Abtruse Chronicles

Reversal in a Halfling Reverie

We started off with making Morein’s character, since no one showed up. LOT unable to join us in person came on through the internet, and we decided to run some mini battles to get Morein familiar with 4E mechanics. So LOT and Morein found themselves in a wooded setting, making their way on a winding dirt path. This dirt path had potholes, suggesting recent carts, horses, wagons, and marks from other heavy things. Picking up this fact, the PCs were cautious, they suspected that danger was afoot since the path they were walking had recent signs of a skirmish. They moved forward, when suddenly from the bushes jumped out a halfling. He started speaking in a high pitched voice and forbade the PCs from going any further. He demanded them to state who they were, what they were doing in the forest, and what business they had. To determine if they were worthy of passing through the forest, the halfling posed a riddle. He asked,

What is it, that we love more than life, fear more than death, the rich want it, the poor have it, the miser spends it, and the spend-rift saves it?

Morein guessed that “time” was the answer. “Wrong,” responded the halfling. Morein wanted to take another shot at the riddle, and asked the halfling to repeat the query. “Ungrateful humanoid, what makes you think I will repeat the riddle to you? Impudent fools…” squeaked the halfling with contempt. LOT assisted her associate Morein, and reiterated the riddle. “Happiness,” guessed LOT, hopefully. “Nay, that is not the answer either.” LOT and Morein further pondered the conundrum in front of them, taking their time. “My patience is wearing thin from your reticence. Time is ticking, and your end draws near, in 10, 9…” warned the halfling. Out of desperation, LOT guessed, “Nothing.”

Awestruck, the jaw of the midget hung open. “W-w-what? Nothing? Why yes, ‘nothing’ is the correct answer. I do apologize for mistaking you noble folk for the nefarious ones that roam these paths. Please continue along your way.” The halfling did a curt bow, and then jumped back into the forest underbrush, disappearing from the PCs vision.

They continued on the path, but around a bend, they suddenly heard cries and screeching. Immediately followed thumps, and deep vicious snarling sounds. The PCs cautiously moved forward but were identified by the unknown danger ahead of them. As they turned the bend, two giant, four-legged creatures sprang at them from out of the forest canopy. Quickly LOT and Morein assessed their fur-soaked-soaked-with-fresh-blood enemies, and rolled nature checks. Morein identified the beasts as giant mice, while LOT recalled that these creatures were known as gray wolves. The wolves got a surprise round and they attacked both Morein and LOT, LOT was knocked prone prom the ferocity of the blood-crazed wolf, putting her in a bad situation. Initiative was rolled, and the wolves went again. This time they surrounded LOT, and really mauled her, she was bloodied immediately, and almost dead when she teleported away. She Second Winded, and Thunderwaved her foes. Her pain fueled her electrical discharge, and the blast of electricity from her palm set both wolves skittering, one even collided into a tree.

Morein went, and smote her warhammer into the closer beast. It got back up and along with its friend, flanked and attacked Morein. Her armor proved to be extremely effective against the wolves, and the bites dealt no damage. LOT took a step back, distancing herself from the creatures, and used Ray of Frost. Morein marked a beast, and positioned herself out of her flanked position, but was still adjacent to both wolves, and she used Valiant Strike. Her mighty smite put the wolf almost out of commission, and seeing its bites not making an effect on the heavily armored warrior, it shifted away, to bite at LOT. Unfortunately, it was also marked, and so it took 6 radiant damage for attacking someone other than Morein. While the wolf was lunging towards LOT, it spazzed and fell onto her. She did dodge it in the nick of time.

The last wolf pussied out (HA IRONY!). It tried to run away, but its legs couldn’t move; LOT had slowed the beast last turn using her Ray of Frost. It only moved two squares, got an opportunity attack, which connected, and it died, a terrible, terrible, gory, brain-explodey death.

HURRAY!! End of Encounter

The party saw the bloodied, unconscious stump of the halfling, and decided to trek over to find and safely deliver him to his tribe. They were almost done, when a whole tribe of halflings surrounded them. They safely negotiated with the tribe and received Tiflits. Everyone faded away, and the party woke up from their reverie.

I was not so pleased with this second session. Mainly because only one person showed up, and another participated in the game, through a webcam. But otherwise, Morein, new to the game got a nice introduction to the mechanics of 4E. There was an interesting twist though: The characters were … NICE?! This surprised me, since I clearly established that this (as of now) was an EVIL CAMPAIGN. I continued anyway without telling the characters this.

This session, I introduced a Hershey Kiss Point system. People would get little treats, such as Hershey Kisses whenever they did something “not required” such as: helping the DM, roleplaying well, or contributing something helpful towards a character. These would be redeemed by being eaten, and would have two benefits, one in game, and one out of game:

  1. Out of the game, when the person would eat a Hershey Kiss (or a similar substitute), they would … get to eat a delicious treat o_0
  2. In game, a minor, sweet, chocolaty taste would manifest in a PCs mouth, boosting morale, and driving them to further succeed at their task. A character would have a +1 bonus to their next roll.

People liked this rule, since being “good” is rewarded. Secretly, it also benefits me, since people are more vested in the game. Muahahahahaha

XP: 150



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