The Abtruse Chronicles


Today, everyone woke up ready for anything. While LOT and Fai slept in the Inne, Morein and Rei slept outside. LOT had a very relaxing and invigorating sleep, and gained an additional healing surge. Morein and Rei slept outside, because the short bartender had a problem with dragonborn, and he only offered to house them if they paid double for staying over. They didn’t want to feed his racism, and Soap set up his tent anyway, so Morein and Rei took turns taking watch and resting. Everyone caught up on their sleep, and Shava, and Zier appeared. Suddenly Morein had to run on an errand and she left. Everyone got ready, and was discussing their plans. While they were doing this, LOT had a head start and started scouting and looking for anything on the trails. He picked up a stench, and alerted the others. Soap was still in the town, eating a breakfast made of chicken, bread, and small, diluted mug of ale. They rest came, and ventured forwards into the woods. The PCs encountered a strange woman with the scent they reacted from before. They asked her how she got there, and she replied that she just came back from a Biology test, and was waiting to take a Sports Medical test. They PCs looked at her like she was crazy, and she started to cackle manically. They moved on until the crone’s cackling faded into the sounds of the forest. LOT again picked up the stench, except this time it was stronger. She even detected hints of a zombie, and peering into the distance, she saw a humanoid. Informing her friends got them to be very concerned, and they debated for a while if they should go to this thing or not. Eventually they planned on approaching it with caution, and had their hands near their weapon hilts. They saw that it was a pale humanoid, who was clutching his right foot, and was limping away from the village. Rei engage the discussion by calling out, “Hey you! Are you OK?”

It turned around, startled, and fell onto its back. “Stay away!” exclaimed the human, whipping out a dagger to keep the PCs away. He apparently didn’t see Rei as a non-hostile being. The party came forward, and Soap returned from his midmorning brunch to the back of the group. The group now tried to reason with him. LOT threatened to kill him if he wasted any of her or her group’s time. She even started forming a Ray of Frost around her fingertip to really intimidate this character. Fai also jumped in, and told him how stupid he was, and how he, with a useless leg, stood near nil chance of facing off versus a team of five allies. The guy got totally scared, shat in his pants, ad started to scamper off again. Shava and Soap noticed how a god-awful smell mixed in with the previously detected undead musk, and questioned it. Questions got asked, which confused everyone. Shava and Zier tried to reason with him, but they failed, as the guy stopped trying to defend himself, and tried to scamper away. His leg impeded his movement though, and he didn’t move very far.

LOT wanted to really scare the guy into submission, and with her other hand cast a Icy Terrain in from of the guy, before vocalizing a bestial roar. The lame person completely stopped in his tracks, white as a ghost. Soap walked up to finally, and assumed that his rival-comrade was attacking the helpless person. He pulled out his recently acquired Perfect Shot Longbow, and drew an arrow. Rei yelled in a high pitched girly tone, and told everyone to give him one more chance, since he felt that he could make an impression on the guy, to appease him. Rei attempted, but it didn’t make much difference, since the human continued dragging himself on his elbows and one knee.

LOT unleashed her readied Ray of Frost, and Soap, not wanting to be outdone, also released the bow’s taught drawstring. The arrow coursed through the air, faster than the cylinder of cold, embedded itself deep into the spine of the prey. He fell onto his chest, spread eagle, and was frozen in that position when the Ray of Frost also hit him. Fai jumped in, using his Witchfire to sear the soul … of the unfortunate soul. Limping man clawed at his eyes, and yelled in agony, and then was silent; both body and soul limp forever. Walking up to his corpse, many noticed the raised, wet patch on his posterior, and also noticed how the bizarre flesh of his right leg. The calf had a bite mark on it, and the surrounding flesh was completely blackened and corroded. This smelled like rot, and flaked off very easily.

“This makes a bunch of sense” replied LOT. “Everybody, run! There are zombies in the vicinity.” Everyone ran back, halfway between their encounter location and the town, and slowed down. LOT pointed out their options, “We can:
  1. Fight outside the town, to reduce the town casualties
  2. Form a barricade, and with the assistance of the townspeople, to pick off zombies one at a time
  3. Screw the town, and flee.”

She further explained, “each of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Fighting outside in the woods allows us to minimize town casualties, but it impedes our movement and we will have to fight on unknown ground. Fighting in the town will cause much collateral damage, and some of the townspeople are guaranteed to be hurt, but we will have their assistance during the fight. Running away would solve our problems in the short run, but with the entire town massacred, the necromancer/evil person who’s responsible for this will have other fresh corpses to animate. The threat will get bigger, and we will have to face it one day.” After the other PCs offered their ideas, and everyone collaborated, they decided to barricade the town, and enlist some townspeople to help them in the upcoming battle.

The first hurdle they would have to jump would be to convince them of a zombie invasion and also then to tell them to effectively mobilize and not panic. The group split into 3 pairs; Soap and Shava would be the scouters; Rei and LOT went to the town to fortify it; and Zier and Fai went to convince the villagers of the impending invasion and get them to mobilize everyone: get all the old, women, and children in a safe location, such as a church, and get the able bodied men to assist in the upcoming battle. Soap and Shava hid themselves in the foliage; Soap jumped up high, 15 feet up in a tree, while Shava remained on the ground, actively hearing for any rustling of leaves or snapping of twigs.

The rest of the gang approached the town, and realized that people might not take their word for signs of a Zombie invasion. They backtracked up to the human corpse, and Zier, Fai Rei, and LOT picked him up. Rei realized it was a dead body, with decay on it, and freaked out. The rest started to carry him towards the town, but LOT thought it was useless and stupid, since most the necrotic flesh was only on the guy’s calf. With the body propped up on their shoulders, LOT took out her knife, and started hacking away at the corpse’s thigh. Fail also pulled out his sickle, and cut at the thigh. Rei saw her comrades fail at their task, so he pulled out a Falchion and mightily swung at the vastus lateralis of his felled foe. He cleaved the limb clear off the trunk in a spray of red, miniscule flesh chunks. The heaviness of the blow caused the corpse to flail and thrash violently, as its weight was shared equally between the three people. This violent motion rubbed off the deceased’s morbid smell on them. LOT remedied her own aroma by turning it into the sweet scent of roses, with the aid of her Prestidigitation spell. Everyone lightened their burden by dropping the desecrated corpse off of their shoulders. LOT then took the amputated limb and concealed it within her cloak. They approached the town all prepared, for better or for worse…

XP: 50



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