The Abtruse Chronicles

Ghoul-Aid, OH YEAAAAAAH!!!

Who wants some?

The PCs (Soap, LOT, and Morein) found themselves thrown off, into the far side of town, by the giant explosion of the barrel containing mead. This explosion also set the huts and the Ye Olde Inne on fire, which brought about screams of pain from the occupants within. This also triggered the zombies to back 20 feet off the perimeter of the town, and lessen their “brains” droning.

Morein and Soap flew towards individual huts, breaking clear through the initial wall, but were stopped abruptly by the second wall, while LOT flew all the way and slammed against the hastily built picket fence. The burning hay and straw thatching of the huts collapsed inwards, along with some of the wooden planks and beams of the Inne.

Two fearsome looking ghouls cleared the entire flaming trench filled with burning zombies corpses set on fire, jumping into the dead center of town. Initiative was rolled, and as expected, LOT crit, gaining a surprise round. She stood up from prone. Soap was up next: he took smoke and burning hay damage as he tumble rolled out of the hut, and glimpsed a shady watcher in the treetops. He thought nothing of it, focusing on the ghouls, and rolled a religion check to find out more about his adversaries. Again, a crit: apparently, ghouls were this ranger’s favored enemy, and he knew all about them.

The female observing from the branches, swung off, somersaulted onto the makeshift picket fence and trapeezed near a ghoul attacking Soap, as using her momentum, threw a shuriken, which passed through the undead with a wet plop, leaving it agitated.

Combat ensued, and it was a close call for the PCs, as the encounter ended with the last remaining, bloodied, ghoul fleeing, and Morein and Soap were dropped. The ghouls’ defeat caused a ruckus amongst the spectating zombies, and they went in random directions but eventually focused back into a marching force traveling away from the forest. The PCs did notice that strangely, the ghoul took a band of zombies, and went back towards the forest.

Morein was just was unlucky, while Soap chose to be daring by shooting a JAVELIN through his bow: this cost him dearly, as the ghoul OAed his ass, immobilizing him, and then proceeded to harness the power of Orcus, and without looking, plucked a speeding magnesium-loaded-arrow, darting in from behind his back, and rammed it into Soap’s left eye. LOT played it safe and smart, and used cover and range to her advantage, to endure the challenging battle. LOT was skilled enough to cast an Icy Terrain hit only the ghouls in the burst, while skillfully missing the dropped Morein who was also in the area of the frozen terra. The watcher in the dark, while lithe and acrobatic, failed to hit the ghouls even once; even missing with her great Trick Strike.

Morein was resuscitated due to her high death saving throw rolls, which were very importantly supplemented by great role-play: invoking the Platinum Dragon to favor her and look upon her faithful devotion. Soap on the other hand rolled an epic fail for his second death saving throw, and was one strike and one HP away from passing into the possession of the Raven Queen.

During this entire time, the cries of agony and the pungent smell of burning flesh emitted from the Ye Olde Inne were being ignored, as the ghouls were a more pressing concern. Yet when the ghouls were eliminated, and while Lilith and Morein focused on healing Soap, LOT began the mercy killings of the dilapidated town inhabitants. She spared no one, and Soap also assisted in the killings to liberate the people, and end their pain quickly. LOT also strangely bent down and huddled to examine many of the severed body parts of the freshly slaughtered corpses. Soap did the same and was confused. Morein decided that it was her duty to bury the killed commoners, and started to gather the corpses, and dig graves for them. Lilith found a note, and went inside the Ye Olde Inne to investigate.

XP: 94



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